Affiliate Missionary

Literacy ESL
Responsible to
Managing Director of relevant region

This person is a member of a church or mission organization other than LEI;  has successfully completed an LEI training Institute; uses LEI Bible-content materials to integrate literacy and/or English Language Ministry (ELM) into their ministry as a means of evangelism and discipleship; and who desires a closer relationship with LEI.  Accept LEI Covenant Commitment and Statement of Faith.  The ideal candidate knows Jesus as personal Lord and Savior, is called by God to Christian work and witness, and feels God’s leading to work with LEI.

Job Summary

Use LEI Bible-content materials in literacy or ELM programs.  Send Annual Report on literacy or ELM work to the appropriate LEI Managing Director.  Cooperate with LEI on the field as able. Some possibilities of assisting LEI include:  primer construction, field-testing of methods and materials, training of tutors and trainers, short-term mission projects on field, and prayer support.

Complete Description

We at LEI are excited about people using literacy or ELM as a means for evangelism and discipleship.  This sense of excitement is even increased for people who have successfully completed one of our training institutes.  The Lord has used International Literacy Training Institute (ILTI) alumni in many parts of the world to further His kingdom through literacy and evangelism. It is our desire to keep in touch with as many of our alumni as possible and learn of their successes and struggles in their ministry using literacy or ELM.  We also desire to provide encouragement and assistance.  For this reason LEI is expanding the category of LEI Affiliate which provides a connectedness with Institute alumni worldwide.  We would like to invite you to join our growing number of Affiliates in the task of diminishing illiteracy and thereby sharing the Good News with those who are learning to read.

1.  Use LEI Bible-content materials in literacy or ELM.

2.  Send Annual Report on literacy or ELM work to the appropriate LEI Managing Director.

3.  Cooperate with LEI on field as able.

Support:  Raises own support through his or her primary mission organization.

Commitments of LEI to Affiliate

Priority in follow-up training and consultant help as requested.

Priority in LEI primer construction assistance as requested.

Priority in desktop publishing assistance.

Prayer support.

Provision of LEI brochures and regular news updates.

Networking and contacts with other literacy and ELM efforts.

Assistance in organizing and promoting literacy conferences featuring LEI materials.

Assistance in organizing and presenting an initial literacy or ELM workshop.

Special discounts for materials ordered from LEI. (Ten percent on any order in addition to any other applicable discounts.)

Priority in possible assistance in funding the printing of LEI primers.


You can download, complete and email an application to [email protected]