Internship Opportunities

Responsible to
LEI Staff

Have a mind and an open heart for the mission of God. To apply for university credits, before submitting your application please check that your institution will recognize our internship and contact us about any necessary documentation.

Job Summary

LITERACY: Opportunities include but are not limited to: literacy tutor (English and other world languages; national and international opportunities are language-based), research, and statistics (detail oriented, strong communication skills, Exchange of cultural communication).

ADMINISTRATION: Opportunities include but are not limited to: development (developing donor base, project promotion, missionary advocacy, connecting with local churches), administration (bookkeeping, online store, shipments, office organization ), Media (newsletters, videography, photography, graphic design, social media, marketing), prayer and pastoral care (prayer warrior, dedicated to LEI missionaries and workers around the world).

Complete Description


Administrative duties including but not limited to: marketing, social media, photography, videography, grantwriting, graphic design, writing, web development, IT/Network, landscaping, groundskeeping, maintenance

Literacy opportunities based in Tulsa, OK would fall under the direction of the Tulsa Literacy Center (TLC) and could include tutoring literacy students utilizing LEI’s Bible-content literacy materials, assisting in training literacy tutors, assessing literacy students.

ESL opportunities based in Tulsa, OK would fall under the direction of Bob Biederman and could include leading ESL classes, conducting ESL training, and developing ESL materials. 



1 month internship in June, July or August assisting local missionary in teaching children, literacy, evangelism, outreach and construction. Cost of the internship will be approximately $400 USD/week plus travel expense.

Dominican Republic

2 month internship between April and October assisting local missionary in literacy, ESL, children’s ministry, youth ministry, construction, computer, worship (vocals and/or instruments), preaching, teaching. Cost of the internship ranges from $150 USD to $350 USD per month.


Up to 1 month internship any time of year assisting local missionaries in ESL classes, discipleship/outreach with university students, youth group ministry, outreach to indigenous peoples. Cost of the internship is $100 USD/week.


1 month internship in July and early August assisting local missionaries in ESL and outreach. Cost of internship can range up to $100-$210 USD/week.

Download, complete and submit an internship application to [email protected]