The Path to a New Primer: Nuts & Bolts (Level 2)

Dates: May 3 - Jun 11, 2021
Region: Worldwide
Country: Worldwide
Type: Instructor-led Online

This 6-week instructor-led online class will introduce you to the details of constructing literacy primers in a new language in order to begin a literacy ministry. Before taking this course, you must have successfully completed LEI’s Introduction to Primer Construction Level 1 and a Literacy Tutor Training course. This course costs $100 (scholarships are available) and you can purchase this course here. You can preview the syllabus by downloading a copy here. To register for the class click here

If you have any questions regarding this course please contact Carey Jo Johnston via email: [email protected]

Attached Files
PDF icon path-new-primer-nuts-bolts-level-2-pc2-primer-construction-nuts-and-bolts-syllabus.pdf