Assist LEI-Ghana with the Ghana Literacy Training Institute, to be held September 24 through October 14, 2017.

Budget: $54,545.00 USD.  This is to train 50-60 literacy workers.

Some of the items covered in the budget:

 1.  Promotion through websites.

 2.  Flyers and letters to organizations, churches and individuals thru LEI contacts in Africa.  

3.  Secure venue: Abokobi Presbyterian Women’s Center 

4.  Shortlist participants & send invitation.


5.  Invite Facilitators.

 6.  Set up ILTI secretariat.

 7.  Work on logistics and internal transportation.

 8.  Firm up arrival & departure procedures.

 Some of the things covered during the Institute:

• Intensive training in literacy evangelism with hands-on practice.
• Interaction with experienced, knowledgeable, and stimulating leaders in literacy missions and related fields.
• Building relationships with committed participants learning together.
• Experience Inductive Bible Study techniques daily in small groups.
• Earn certificates in teaching adult literacy and English-as-a-Second Language.

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