Primer Construction Project – Greece


Project: Georg Ort, European Director for Literacy & Evangelism, was approached by a missionary from Hellenistic Ministries. She asked for help in developing a Bible-content primer in the modern Greek language. Hellenistic Ministries is involved in evangelism, discipleship and compassion programs in Greece, the Balkans and eastern Mediterranean.   The primer will be used to teach primarily the Roma (Gypsies) how to read/write using LEI material.

Background: There are believed to be over 300,000 Roma living in Greece. Their roots go back to the 14th century. Some live in communities while others are continually on the move. The poorest of the Roma are “tent-dwellers” who live in slums outside of towns. These people live in very rough circumstances without systems for water, sewage or electricity.

Literacy: Despite efforts by the E.U. to assist the Roma with education, only about half the men are literate and less than half the women. While attempts are made to provide education for the children, many drop out or are encouraged to leave.

Impact: Using a Bible-content primer will help Christians learn to be daily readers of the Bible. It will also be an evangelistic tool to reach the non-Christian Roma communities.


Primer Construction Workshop          $4,500

Initial printing of  primers                         $2,000


TOTAL                                                                $6,500