Tangale Primer Project

The Tangale people number 256,000.  They live in Northern Nigeria.  They are mostly evangelical Christians.

L&E Nigeria and L&E Ghana worked together to create Bible-content adult literacy materials for the Tangale people.

The Tangale primer is finalized and ready to print.  There will be a 5-day Teacher Training Workshop in April and a celebration of the launching of the Tangale primer.

Funding is needed for the initial printing of 500 2-book sets and teaching charts.  After the initial printing, this will be followed by review and any needed revisions and reprinting.



1 set of primers                     $2.00

1 set of teaching charts      $1.00

500 sets of primers              $1,000.00

50 sets of charts                   $    50.00

Total for

initial printing                                    $1,050.00


A donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated.