Primer Construction Project – Ukraine

Reaching out to illiterate people in Europe, especially  the 12-14 million Roma  scattered throughout European countries.

In Ukraine as in other countries, Roma are often looked down on as “second class” people. Due to widespread illiteracy, many Roma are disadvantaged in developing economically, socially, and educationally.  Even among Roma believers, many are not able to read and therefore not able to read God’s Word, the Bible.

There is great need for a Bible-content basic reading primer in the Ukrainian language, which LEI will help create for local churches and ministries to use as an  outreach tool. 

Please prayerfully consider this opportunity to reach Roma communities in Ukraine with the Word of God.  The Lord will greatly bless these people through the reading of His Word!

Workshop cost:

$4,080 Two weeks room & board for 10 primer construction team members, including 7-8 Ukrainian speakers – and transport costs for 4 Roma.

$180     Workshop supplies.

$1,000  Initial printing of primer sets.

$5,260  Total


Any amount is appreciated. Any additional funds will be used to hold teacher training workshops.