Yom Primer Project (Benin/Togo)


Literacy and Evangelism International in cooperation with

Literacy International Benin/Togo &

Union of Evangelical Church of Benin (UEEB/SIM)


Engaging the Yom people:


Population: 300,000


Literacy rate 35% (www.ethnologue.com )


Largest Religion:  Muslim (80%)


New Testament printed 1985 and Bible printing planned for 2016/2017.


Location of the Yom people: Northwest Benin Republic & Northeast Togo.


Ministry opportunity:

To encourage literacy in the Yom language, we will develop primers with Bible content, 

print the primers and promote the Yom literacy program.  This project will enable

the Yom people to learn to read the Bible, disciple believers, share the Gospel with

non-believers, strengthen existing churches and establish new churches.


Project Budget:


Primer Construction Workshop

(Eight workers for 21 days)                                  $  8,750


Printing Bible-content primers                             $  7,500


Promotion and Launch of Primer                         $  2,400


Total                                                                    $18,650