Equipping the Church to share the message of Jesus Christ through the gift of reading.

You can read.

For the nearly 1 billion adults in the world who cannot read and write, life is especially difficult. They are:

  • Unable to read important documents
  • Unable to communicate through text or writing
  • Unable to read the Bible


Among the illiterate of the world, poverty rates are higher; diseases and sickness are more prevalent.

You Can Transform a Community

There is hope! All over the world, in just a few months, adults are learning to read and write, and this transforms their lives and communities. A new reader is confident and engages his or her community in a positive way.

You Can Equip the Church

If you can’t read the Bible how can you expect to be a part of a growing and thriving community of faith? When people can read the Bible for themselves, they experience God in a deeper more personal relationship, and this helps protect the church from false doctrines.

Discover Your Role

There are many roles in the development of a literacy ministry.
  • Tutor: teach a class or individual how to read and write
  • Trainer: train volunteers to teach literacy
  • Primer Consultant: develop new primers and literacy materials



What role will you play?



“English, the business language of the world.”

Around the world, English is a highly sought after skill. You can meet a need in your community and share the message of Jesus Christ by teaching English as a Second Language (ESL).

Missed Opportunities

Immigrants in English-speaking cultures miss out on many opportunities and risk being taken advantage of. ESL classes are an opportunity for your church or ministry to meet their need.

LEI’s ESL materials:

  • are easy to teach

  • are adaptable to any level of English

  • use Bible-content

Click here for training to become an ESL Tutor. 


LEI Short Introduction from Literacy & Evangelism on Vimeo.