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The history of LEI:

Literacy & Evangelism International is an interdenominational, inter-mission fellowship. We cooperate with all Christian groups: churches, mission agencies, and para-church organizations through offering them training and assistance in the creation of Bible-based literacy materials.

Literacy & Evangelism International was founded in 1967 by Dr. Robert F. Rice, a former missionary to South Korea. Dr. Rice was in South Korea for 15 years, where he saw firsthand the need for adult literacy. He traveled around the U.S. and in Latin America at first, helping to create Bible-content adult literacy materials and helping to begin community literacy evangelism ministries. Slowly the ministry grew as he trained and mentored others in primer construction and tutor training.

To date LEI has developed Bible-based literacy curriculum in over 230 languages. We currently have over 40 missionaries representing LEI around the world. Through the years LEI has developed strategic partnerships with indigenous Christian organizations such as Partners in Literacy Ministries in Kenya, Alfabetização e Evangelização Internacional in Brazil and India Literacy Trust in India. LEI is dedicated to carrying out its legacy of promoting, equipping and educating the world in literacy and evangelism.

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