LEI’s Bible-content method of literacy has been used in the development of primers in more than 240 languages around the world. The primers immediately below are not currently available for download on our website. If you wish to receive a copy of one of these primers, please submit your request here. Scroll down to search for and download the available primers.

Anufo (Togo)

Arabic (Egypt)

Efik (Nigeria)

German (Germany)

Huambisa (Peru)

Igbo (Nigeria)

Joola (Senegal)

Kikamba (Kenya)

Lchamus-Samburu (Kenya)

Lomwe (Malawi)

Maithili (India)

Maxakali (Brazil)

Meitei Manipuri (India)

Meru (Kenya)

Nangnda (Chad)

Nias (Indonesia)

Nishi (India)

Nuer (Sudan)

Pokoot (Kenya)

Romani (Romania)

Ruchiga (Uganda)

Susu (Sierra Leone)

Swahili (Kenya)

Tem (Togo)


You can view and download the primers featured below. We can supply different layout sizes for printing upon request

If you download an LEI primer, we ask that you abide by the user agreement and provide us with one annual survey for the literacy class(es) you hold in each language.  We may have further books in some series available upon request.