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Krio Literacy Project - Sierra Leone

Krio (Creole) is spoken as the first language for nearly half a million people in Sierra Leone, and spoken as a 2nd language for over 4 million. Approximately 85% are illiterate and cannot read the Bible for themselves. For our primer/basic reader development, we need $15,000; for printing, we need $4,000. To adopt a literacy program supervisor for one year is $1,600. To sponsor four teacher training workshops we need $600 each. Our total project needs are $23,000.

Women's Literacy Program

picture of a woman from Sierra Leone

Sponsors needed for 24 women in Sierra Leone to be trained to teach basic literacy and to set up literacy centers.

This training is part of the Sierra Leone Literacy Project to raise the literacy rate in Sierra Leone from 39% to 70% by the year 2015. The Women's Literacy Teachers Training Institute will train 24 women from the 12 districts of Sierra Leone. After the training in Part 1, they will open women's literacy centers to teach their fellow women. They will come back for Part 2 which will make them trainers.

Additional Language Projects

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