Literacy & Evangelism International

Overseas Literacy Consultant

Responsible to: 
Director of assigned Region.
As specified in Personnel Policies. University and/or Bible College degree. Training as specified in Personnel Policies.
Job Summary: 
Develop literacy and/or English ministry in assigned country/region. Conduct literacy/English tutor-training courses in cooperation with churches in the area. Encourage indigenous literacy/English ministries in country/region. If literacy materials need to be developed, coordinate primer construction workshops in needed languages.
Complete Description: 

1. Learn language(s) and culture of assigned area. Become fluent/proficient in primary language.
2. Develop relationship with indigenous churches and individuals. Promote awareness of literacy/English needs in area, and awareness of positive results of literacy/English ministry. Promote awareness of services, materials and training offered by LEI, its missionaries and associates.
3. Assist in developing literacy materials in local languages if necessary.
4. Train tutors and leaders at Literacy and/or English Tutor-Training Workshops. Develop/encourage indigenous leaders and supervisors of local programs.
5. Encourage development and progress of ongoing literacy and English ministries and promotional/informational conferences throughout region.
6. Accountability: Maintain contact by brief quarterly reports sent to Regional Director with copy to LEI Headquarters; sign the Covenant Commitment annually; implement directives of the LEI Personnel Policies. Report to/relate to umbrella/covering organizations on the field if such arrangements have been made.
7. Maintain personal prayer and financial support through contacts with constituents; sending newsletter at least quarterly; personal visits with churches and individuals when possible, such as on furlough.

Term of Service: Two year initial term. Career desired.

Responsible for personally raising his or her own support.


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