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2014 2 Annual Report 2014

Annual Report covering the calendar and fiscal year 2013. Published 2014.

2014 1 The Messenger - Africa Edition

Message from the President Sid Rice on his recent visit to Africa. Message from the West Africa Director about Sierra Leone. Information on new literacy materials developed and ongoing literacy ministry -- news from LEI Missionaries, Partners, and Affiliates in Ghana, Togo/Benin, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, DR Congo, Uganda, Burundi, Malawi/Mozambique, Congo, and Benin.

2013 3 The Messenger - Latin America Edition

From the President: Throughout this edition of The Messenger you will read stories of lives that are being transformed through receiving the gift of reading. From the Director for Latin America: Our missionaries and partners in Latin America are working ... to open the eyes of the blind so they can read the written Word and be transformed...
Central America: LEI-Canada and LAMP, Guatemala, Nicaragua,
The Caribbean: Haiti, Dominican Republic,
South America: Peru, Brazil

2013 2 The Messenger - Partner Edition

From the President Sid Rice -- LEI has partnered with hundreds of ministries, sharing the message of Christ through the gift of reading.
Member Nation Partners: LEI Incorporated in a Given Country
Strategic Partners: Ongoing Partnerships with Non-LEI Agencies
Partners: Organizations Which Request Help with LEI Materials or Training

2011 LEI Privacy Policy

LEI Privacy Policy

2013 1 Annual Report 2013

Annual Report covering the calendar and fiscal year 2012. Published 2013.

2011 LEI 2011 990 Form

LEI 2011 990 Form

2012 3 The Messenger - Asia Edition

From the President: Rev. Sid Rice -- Light and hope are released as people open and read God's Word.
Rescuing Illiterates: A Granddaughter's Perspective (about Dr. Nam-Hyeon Kim and Literacy in East Asia)
Literacy: India
Literacy: Our Cup of Tea
Literacy: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia

2012 2 Worldwide Trainings Edition 2012

Leveraging our Legacy with Digital Training by Sid Rice
Message from the Media Director
International Literacy Training Institute USA Module 1 and Module 2
Regional Literacy Training Institutes, Latin America, East Africa, India, Central Africa, West Africa
English Language Ministry Training Institutes

2012 1 Annual Report 2012

Annual Report covering the calendar and fiscal year 2011. Published April, 2012.


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