Literacy & Evangelism Korea became the newest LEI Member Nation Partner in 2021.  But, they have a long history serving the Lord in literacy evangelism ministry.  For many years Dr. Nam-Hyeon Kim of Global Literacy Mission (GLM) in South Korea served with LEI Founder Dr. Robert F. Rice and others on LEI Staff, then on his own, creating Bible-content adult literacy materials, training teachers, and setting up literacy ministries and offices in many Southeast Asian countries.  Other missionaries from GLM (including Gloria & Gamaliel Kim) have also served with LEI.  Dr. Kim recently retired and Park Bok-ae (Phoebe) is the new Director of LEI-Korea.  Phoebe attended the International Literacy Training Institute in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and has served as a missionary in Southeast Asia for years.  She has been in ministry with and mentored by Dr. Kim.