Equipping the Church to share the message of Jesus Christ through the gift of reading.

You can read.

For the nearly 1 billion adults in the world who cannot read and write, life is especially difficult. They are:

  • Unable to read important documents

  • Unable to communicate through text or writing

  • Unable to read the Bible

Among the illiterate of the world, poverty rates are higher; disease and sickness are more prevalent.

You Can Transform a Community

There is hope! All over the world, in just a few months, adults are learning to read and write, and this transforms their lives and communities. A new reader is confident and engages his or her community in a positive way.

You Can Equip the Church

If you can’t read the Bible, how can you expect to be a part of a growing and thriving community of faith? When people can read the Bible for themselves, they experience God in a deeper, more personal relationship, and this helps protect the church from false doctrines.

Discover Your Role

There are many roles in the development of a literacy ministry.

  • Tutor: teach a class or individual how to read and write

  • Trainer: train volunteers to teach literacy

  • Primer Consultant: develop new primers and literacy materials

What role will you play?

“English, the business language of the world.”

Around the world, English is a highly sought after skill. You can meet a need in your community and share the message of Jesus Christ by teaching English as a Second Language.

Missed Opportunities

Immigrants in English speaking cultures miss out on many opportunities and risk being taken advantage of. ESL classes are an opportunity for your church or ministry to meet their need.

LEI’s ESL materials:

  • are easy to teach

  • are adaptable to any level of English

  • use Bible-content

Will you take advantage of this opportunity?


LEI Short Introduction from Literacy & Evangelism on Vimeo.